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Will This Saturation Plugin Change the Way You Mix Forever?
Get Spectre from Wavesfactory ➤ video of setting up Voxengo SPAN with a reference spectrum ➤ Voxengo SPAN ➤ Warp Academy for Free ➤ our Discord Server ➤ It’s pretty rare these days that a new saturation plugin comes out which does something new, unique and special.  But WOW…
Drum & Bass Duo Fade Black Doesn’t Mono their Sub
I hear people say things like this all the time. “If your music is going to played on a PA with mono subs you need to mono the low end of your master to sound good.”  This is CATEGORICALLY untrue & let’s record straight on this MYTH. Watch our Youtube vid “Is Mono Bass DESTROYING…
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Watch Our Most Popular Xfer Serum Synth Tutorials
Serum has overwhelmingly been the worlds most popular synth in electronic dance music in the last few years, we have...
resample in serum
Sound Design Secrets in Serum: How to Use Resample to A+B
One of the things we find so incredible and powerful about Serum is the ability to create a wavetable from...