UPDATE: The course is now LIVE! Check it out here:  https://warpacademy.com/store/glitches-and-grains-granular-sound-design/ 

Hey everybody,

Merlyn here, and I’d like to introduce you to my first course at Warp Academy!

This adventure is called ‘Glitches and Grains: Granular Sound Design’ and it’s packed with lessons, techniques, and tricks for you to devour. Glitch design and granular synthesis are incredibly powerful tools, but a lot of the information out there is kind of random, vague and only really tells you WHAT these techniques are, and not HOW to use them. So I wanted to make a course that was snappy, to the point and most of all, fun!

I’ve been exploring this side of sound design for over 10 years, and I decided to build this course to finally provide the kind of structured, measured and educational journey that I wish I had access to back when I was learning to produce music. My goal for this course is to set you up with the right approach to keep your sessions fun, full of flow, and bursting with personality and style. Glitch design can give you a massive dose of inspiration with an arsenal of fresh new techniques. Check out the trailer below.


Who is this course for?

If you have a general knowledge of Ableton Live Suite* and know your way around Subtractive Synthesis and Sampling, you should be good to go. 

Glitches and Grains is for producers who:

  1. Have stopped learning and started repeating bad habits
  2. Create tracks that feel stale and predictable
  3. Have hit a wall and need inspiration
  4. Want to revolutionize their workflow with more advanced sound design skills

This course will give you unique lessons that’ll have you flexing Live’s power features in a way that few producers ever learn. It’ll help you push through and start creating the music of your dreams with tailored tips, tricks and hacks.

*Ableton Live 9 Suite or higher required.

Keep an eye on your email inbox, Glitches and Grains is coming soon!


Check out the full curriculum here:

Module 1

  • Lesson 1.1: Introduction
  • Lesson 1.2: Course Overview
  • Lesson 1.3: A Note About Audio Quality

Module 2 – Simpler and Sampler

  • Lesson 2.1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2.2: Micro Loops
  • Lesson 2.3: Modulating the Loop parameter
  • Lesson 2.4: Micro Loops Pt.2
  • Lesson 2.5: Time Stretching
  • Lesson 2.6: Granular Slicing
  • Lesson 2.7: Modulating the Sample Offset in Sampler
  • Lesson 2.8: Creating Grains with MIDI
  • Lesson 2.9: Wrap-Up

Module 3 – Granulator

  • Lesson 3.1: Introduction
  • Lesson 3.2: Introduction to Granulator
  • Lesson 3.3: Creating some Movement with a Saxophone Sample
  • Lesson 3.4: Creating an Interesting Riser Instrument from a Foley Sample
  • Lesson 3.5.1: Creating a Morphing Bass
  • Lesson 3.5.2: Creating a Morphing Bass Pt.2
  • Lesson 3.6.1: Glitchy, Grainy Drum Variations
  • Lesson 3.6.2: Glitchy, Grainy Drum Variations Pt.2
  • Lesson 3.7: Live Input
  • Lesson 3.8: Wrap-Up

Module 4 – Audio Effects

  • Lesson 4.1: Introduction
  • Lesson 4.2: Grain Delay Walk-Through
  • Lesson 4.3: Grain Delay In Action
  • Lesson 4.4: Beat Repeat Walk-Through
  • Lesson 4.5: Beat Repeat Tricks 1
  • Lesson 4.6: Beat Repeat Tricks 2
  • Lesson 4.7.1: Buffer Shuffler Walk-Through
  • Lesson 4.7.2: Buffer Shuffler Walk-Through Pt.2
  • Lesson 4.8: Buffer Shuffler In Action
  • Lesson 4.9: Wrap-Up

Module 5 – Advanced Sound Design

  • Lesson 5.1: Introduction
  • Lesson 5.2: Pad Synthesis
  • Lesson 5.3: Layered Resonance
  • Lesson 5.4.1: Workflow Study: Granular Bass Design 1
  • Lesson 5.4.2: Workflow Study: Granular Bass Design 2
  • Lesson 5.4.3: Workflow Study: Granular Bass Design 3
  • Lesson 5.4.4: Workflow Study: Granular Bass Design 4
  • Lesson 5.5: Keytracking and Prepared Granulator
  • Lesson 5.6: Sound Design with Follow Actions
  • Course Wrap-Up


UPDATE: The course is now LIVE! Check it out here:  https://warpacademy.com/store/glitches-and-grains-granular-sound-design/ 

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