UPDATE: The course is now LIVE! Check it out here:  https://warpacademy.com/store/glitches-and-grains-granular-sound-design/ 

We’ve just released 3 full videos from Glitches and Grains!

This course is jam-packed with advanced synthesis wizardry. If you haven’t mastered Granulator or any of the Max devices, you’ll definitely want to give this a course a shot.

But before we give you your sneak peek of the course, you’re going to want to hear about these:


For a limited time only, we’re throwing in 3 amazing BONUSES! (A $120 VALUE)


1) A Full Granular Project File ($40 VALUE)

We wanted to show you some badass granular tricks in action, so we created an entire project for you in Ableton Live.  It flexes many of the best techniques from Glitches and Grains right before your eyes in a dance floor banger of a tune.

If you want to see real world examples of how advanced, professional producers are using granular effects, you won’t want to miss this!

With the granular project file in your library, you’ll be able to:

  • Reverse engineer how to use granular processing to create insane sounds
  • Follow along and re-create the sound design tricks of a professional producer
  • Get inspiration for how to best use the lessons from the course


2) Granular Instrument & Audio Effect Racks ($20 VALE)

Taking things a step further and adding fuel to the fire is our motto.  True to form, we amped up the granular project file with a collection of essential Instrument & Audio Effect Racks.

You can pull these from the project and add them to your personal library.  This will let you drop them into any future project for some instant goodness.  Booya!


3) Sample Pack Specially Designed for Granular Use ($60 VALUE)

Merlyn & Vespers teamed up, combining their personal sample libraries to bring you a wicked collection of audio samples.  These are recorded and processed field recordings that are PERFECT source sounds for granular synthesis.

Included, you’ll find:

  • Texture source sounds: Ambiences, found sounds, cool weird stuff.
  • Tonal sources sounds: Pitched material.
  • Field recordings of percussive sounds, water, nature sounds, paper crumpling, glitchy effects and SO much more.

This includes Vespers’s entire personal library of carefully curated field recordings.  Hyper-useful for layering and adding organic texture and realism to your electronic tracks.

Vespers recorded these sounds over 3 years in 7 different locations, editing them down into only the most useful samples.  Never before has this insane library of sounds been offered.


These bonuses will seriously increase the value you’ll get out of Glitches and GrainIMPORTANT: The bonuses are limited to the first 200 purchasers, so to make sure you have the best possible chance of getting them, sign up to the VIP list!   The VIP list will be notified exactly 1 hour before the rest of our community when Glitches and Grains goes live.  Best of luck!

Without further ado – Get your sneak peek of the course:

Module 3 | Lesson 6 | Glitchy Grainy Drum Variations

Module 4 | Lesson 8 | Buffer Shuffler in Action

Module 5 | Lesson 5 | Keytracking

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UPDATE: The course is now LIVE! Check it out here:  https://warpacademy.com/store/glitches-and-grains-granular-sound-design/ 


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