Personalized, customized, one-on-one coaching. It’s basically us working collaboratively in the studio (virtually) on the EXACT areas you want to improve the MOST.

  • We work directly inside YOUR project files so all the insights are 100% relevant to your genre & style.
  • We work at your pace & skill level, focusing on your most pressing goals.
  • Each session is fully recorded, yours to download & keep forever.
  • Learn essential pillars of music production: sound design // synthesis // composition // workflow // songwriting // mixing // mastering.
  • It's completely customized. We cover PRECISELY what you need and don’t waste time on ANYTHING that you don’t.


Sam is a multi-talented musician and producer. Having refined his skills over the past decade, he developed expertise in composition, sound design, music theory and mixing.

Sam's been deeply involved in key facets of the music industry. From being a full-time sound designer for Cymatics, to creating his own soundbanks with Warp Academy, his work is consistently recognized for its quality, intricacy, and detail. Aside from his experience in sound design & product development, Sam also released several remixes through the eminent label, Westwood Recordings.

Sam’s passion for music extends far beyond his own production. At heart, he loves to teach and help others. He’s taught in classrooms, assisted in live Ableton workshops with Warp Academy, and is continuously providing his knowledge and experience to upcoming producers, through 1-on-1 lessons and on-going mentorship.

Sam Winter White Gradient


Listen for yourself. You'll hear why everyone is so stoked to work with Sam.



Jeannot Kermode

“Sam is a long time collaborator and producer on my tracks, and not without good reason. His ability to take any musical idea and expand upon it is unlike that of anyone I know. I wish I could pinpoint what about his music is so incredible, but it’s impossible to isolate when his sound design, harmony, melody and rhythm are firing on full cylinders.

Working with Sam I am always learning new techniques and growing my skills, so if you’re looking for a mentor who will help you level up, look no further.”

- Jeanot Mey (Kermode) | Music Producer


“I’ve worked with many producers and engineers while I studied audio production in college and over the 15 years of collaborating with a ton of artists. In all my experience, I can say that Sam is one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with. He sonically matches my description of the sound I want instantly and goes above and beyond all my expectations.

I’ve never seen someone work so quickly and fluently in Ableton as Sam does. He is truly an Ableton master and if you learn from him you’ll be impressed by his in-depth knowledge in the DAW and in music all together. His ability to create astonishing productions within a few hours is unfathomable. It’s been such a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to what’s next!”

- Jordan Lozada | Music Producer


“Sam is the most down to earth-charismatic man I’ve met. Meticulous with everything in his life, he is destined for greatness. The dedication he puts into every bar of a track has me amazed. After understanding the amount of time it's taken for him to get where he is, I thrive to get there myself one day! And with the help from this great man, I now know it's possible.

A few of my tracks have been re-mixed and mastered by Sam, and the end result is so inspiring. He can make sounds from scratch, mix them and create a beautiful final master on the song. Any questions along my journey have been answered to great extent and clarity! After seeing what Sam is capable of doing with music production, I am certain he's a fantastic teacher for any aspiring producer. “

- Michael Hartai | Music Producer


In Accelerate, we build a totally custom curriculum, tailored uniquely to you. You get to choose from a variety of topics you’d like to accelerate in. Everything you need to take a HUGE leap forward, we will do…all inside YOUR projects.

Synthesis + Sound Design:

Master your favourite synth and learn the science behind creating breathtaking and rich synth patches. Learn how to create your own samples (drums, percussion, fx etc..) layering, blending & processing sounds to get a rich and unique signature sound.

Songwriting + Music Theory:

We’ll break down the core elements and structure of a song and you’ll learn how to make your music captivating and memorable. Dive into the theory of what makes music, music! Learn about scales, chords, modes, melody, motifs, rhythms and more.

Workflow + The Creative Process:

Want to become a power user? Learn how to be more effective in the studio, have a quick and smooth workflow. This will allow you to execute your ideas seamlessly and efficiently. Excel at the mental game of producing music. Learn how to tap into the flow-state, overcome writer's-block and enhance your musical creativity.

Mixing + Mastering:

The finishing touches. We’ll go into various mixing/mastering fundamentals and get you up to speed with what you need to know to make your music sound clean, dynamic and loud.


Working with a coach is the most powerful way to reach your full potential as a musician.

"I didn’t just have a hit record and get lucky. I put a lot of my life into it so the things that come out of it is not due to bravado and arrogance. I have confidence because of the work that I’ve put in, and I’ve put in so much work." - Jay Z


Efficiency + Effectiveness

You’ll be able to quickly execute your ideas seamlessly and efficiently, saving you hours in the studio. You’ll learn how to get the absolute most out of your tools (plugins, sample library, synth presets).



You’ll have the knowledge, skill set and workflow required to develop your own personal signature sound.


Confident Creation

You’ll gain invaluable confidence in your skills and take huge strides towards your goals. You’ll be able to create captivating songs with your new-found understanding of composition and arrangement.


Timeless Knowledge

With each unique 1-1 session, you’ll get dozens of golden nuggets and wisdom, which will benefit your production for the years to come.


Pro-Level Quality

You’ll finally know how to get clean, clear, loud and dynamic mixes. Your music will sound it's absolute BEST and you'll advance towards your full potential.