Mixing & Mastering Courses

Online Mixing & Mastering courses using the best-in-industry DAW – Ableton Live. Explore the art of mixing and mastering with online courses.

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How to Design, Build & Acoustically Treat Music Studios

Good acoustics in your studio are paramount! You’ve probably spent a lot of money on monitor speakers and equipment, but it’s likely you’re not hearing anything close to their full potential. Unlock the secrets of acoustics.  This course will set you up with all the knowledge and acoustics best-practices you need to build your dream music studio!


How to Create Wide Mixes

If you’re confused about how to get wide mixes like the pros this course has you covered. You’ll learn about the best audio effects and techniques, plus get key industry insights to help you craft the stereo mixes of your dreams. And, you’ll learn what you might be doing wrong. This course will take your mixing skills to the next level fast!


Producing with Reference Tracks

Are you struggling to get your music to sound on par with your favourite producers? We’ll equip you with the skills, methods, best practices, and insider pro-tips you need to properly analyze music that you admire. Pinpoint EXACTLY where your music is falling short so you can correct the issues quickly and effectively. Finally close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Vocal Production

In this course, we're going to cover the basics of how to get professional sounding vocals. These techniques work even if you've recorded the vocals in your home studio in a bad room, and with inexpensive, low-quality equipment (most of the vocals in my tracks were recorded this way). We'll use stock Ableton Live effects, as well as my recommended free and paid third-party plugins. Workflow is also critical, so we'll go into detail about what effects go in what order in your processing chain.


Mastering with Ableton Live Effects

Learn the nuts and bolts of mastering using only the effects in Ableton Live. Whatever your genre, this course will leave you with supreme confidence in your music, whether sharing with friends, posting to Soundcloud, or distributing online through Spotify, Apple Music, or Tik Tok. After all, the plugins you own are not as important as knowing how to use them. Grab this course and skyrocket your mastering knowledge.


Warp 11 | Learn Ableton Live 11 for Free

Ableton Live 11 has just dropped as a public beta. There are TONS of powerful new devices, FX, features, and workflow improvements. Be the first to learn how to max out this epic new version, straight from the source at Warp Academy - an Ableton Certified Training Center.


Pimp My Track

Vespers hand-picked a small, tight-knit group of his closest students and gave them an opportunity he’d never offered before.  In order to qualify, they needed to have completed a number of courses on Vespers.ca or WarpAcademy.com, bringing them up to a high level of knowledge.  Each of them submitted one of their projects for Vespers to do a full-on re-working.  Vespers had a full license to thrill, and ripped each project apart with a “no-holds-barred” approach, completely re-engineering them.  Whatever needed to be done, in his opinion, to bring the track up to a professional level.



Mixing is equal parts art and science. You need both theory and practice to achieve mastery. In this course you will get both. Get the theory behind mixing and mastering with MixLab, a 5 hour course where Jake Perrine lays out all you need to know. Included are actual mix sessions of previous participants projects where he takes the sound from good to great! Learn to push your own projects over the finish line and supercharge your mixing game!

Producing House Music with GIOM

Producing House Music in Live 9

Occasionally we come across someone who’s truly exceptional at both producing and teaching. Warp Academy is super excited to announce that we’ve partnered up someone who fits that exact description.

Giom is one of the world’s leading house music producers. He’s had a tune in the #1 position of Beatport’s Nu-Disco charts and he’s been released on some of the industry’s most prominent labels, including Toolroom Records and Defected Records. This man’s success didn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of a brilliant mind, a lot of experience, and a specific workflow that consistently turns out big tracks that get signed to the to the industry’s most prestigious labels.

Producing House Music in Live 9 is a 4 hour course showcasing how Giom writes a house track in Ableton Live. You'll discover the workflow, secrets, plugins, samples & synths of a world-renowned pro and get a copy of Giom’s personal production template to supercharge your own production.

Producing with FabFilter Plugins Feature Image

Producing with FabFilter Plugins

FabFilter plugins are the industry standard around the world. Used by countless producers, mix and mastering engineers, their top quality tools are some of the most advanced and effective available today. This course will show you how to use them like a pro, covering every single plugin in their lineup in-depth. You'll learn each plugin inside and out, discovering hidden power features, time-saving best practices, and advanced techniques to get professional-sounding results.

Producing with iZotope Plugins

Producing with IZotope Plugins

iZotope is one of the biggest names in the biz for good reason. Their extensive plugin collection covers all the bases you need as a producer or engineer. Their plugins are some of the most used software across the board.

In this course you'll get a deep dive inside our favourite plugins as the Warp Academy team of instructors takes you on a wild ride into audio wizardry. Buckle up and get ready to learn because this course is action-packed with ideas and inspiration that you can apply to your next song.