How to Design, Build & Acoustically Treat Music Studios

Unlock the secrets of acoustics.  This course will set you up with all the knowledge and acoustics best practices you need to build your dream music studio!

by Vespers
16 Lessons | 2.5 Hours Length | Reviews

Unlock the secrets of music studio acoustics. Elevate your sound and get the most out of your equipment with these pro tips & tricks. Master the art of designing, building and acoustically treating your room.

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Hi and welcome!  If you’re serious about producing music, and you want to know how to design and build your dream studio, this is the course for you!  You’ve probably spent a lot of money on monitor speakers and equipment, but it’s likely you’re not hearing anything close to their full potential.  

When you’re recording, mixing, or critically listening to music there’s a need to hear what’s going on with accuracy and transparency.  It’s essential to know whether a recording take is good enough, what mic is the right one to capture a vocalist, which kick drum sample to use, how wide to make the background vocals, how much reverb to add to a lead synth and so on.  These are all important decisions that can make or break the commercial success of a song.   

Good acoustics in your studio are paramount!  A top-notch studio will help you stand out from the crowd, take your production quality to the next level, and allow you to make mixes and masters that translate perfectly to other systems.

We’re starting from ground zero, so you don’t need to have any acoustics background to understand this.  Stay with me because once you get this stuff, you’ll know more than 90% of people who build home studios and arming yourself with this knowledge will help you avoid some of the most common and costly mistakes. 

It’s a really fun and empowering course that’ll take your studio to the next level, so hit that button up top and join for free! 


  • How choose studio monitor speakers
  • How to correctly set up your room and speakers
  • How to build professional-grade DIY acoustic treatment
  • How to air gap and mount your acoustic panels
  • A variety of studio designs
  • Acoustics best practices
  • How porous absorption can help make your room sound amazing
  • All about air gapping to improve acoustic performance, especially in the low end
  • How to do acoustic testing and interpret that data
  • Optimizing your final results using room EQ

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“Drew’s expertise in audio engineering is nothing short of exemplary, making him one of the most trusted sources of information in our industry. His ability to communicate complex topics in a digestible way makes him the perfect choice for audio content creation. Not to mention his beautiful world-class studio.”

- Tom Frampton | CEO, Mastering the Mix

I would describe Warp Academy with one word. Wisdom. To me, knowing the facts as well as having the experience to back up those facts is the essence of wisdom. And at Warp Academy you’re learning from professionals who not only have their facts straight, they also have real life music industry experience. Get wise at Warp!

- Slynk - Music Producer & Youtube Influencer