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Producing House Music in Live 9 is a 4 hour course showcasing how GIOM writes a house track in Ableton Live. You’ll discover the workflow, secrets, plugins, samples & synths of a world-renowned pro and get a copy of GIOM’s personal production template to supercharge your own production.

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Occasionally we come across someone who’s truly exceptional at both producing and teaching. Warp Academy is super excited to announce that we’ve partnered up someone who fits that exact description.

Giom is one of the world’s leading house music producers. He’s had a tune in the #1 position of Beatport’s Nu-Disco charts and he’s been released on some of the industry’s most prominent labels, including Toolroom Records and Defected Records. This man’s success didn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of a brilliant mind, a lot of experience, and a specific workflow that consistently turns out big tracks that get signed to the to the industry’s most prestigious labels.

Producing House Music in Live 9 is a 4 hour course showcasing how Giom writes a house track in Ableton Live. You’ll discover the workflow, secrets, plugins, samples & synths of a world-renowned pro and get a copy of Giom’s personal production template to supercharge your own production.

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IMPORTANT: Producing House Music in Live 9 was a 100% live-streamed event that occurred in May of 2016. Giom taught for a total of 4 hours, providing dedicated question & answer periods. The webinar was recorded and many of our students who could not attend the live webinar still find great value from registering and watching the recording! For those of you wanting to let the information sink in deep we give you lifetime access to the recording so you can watch it as many times as you like!


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What You’ll Learn

In Producing House Music in Live 9 you will learn:

  • Exactly how Giom starts his tracks and gets his creativity flowing in the studio
  • Giom’s pro-tips and workflow inside of Ableton Live 9
  • What 3rd party synths, plugins and samples Giom uses
  • How he writes beats, basslines and chords
  • How Giom sets up his production template
  • The mindset and the production secrets behind his consistent success

“The idea for this course is to showcase how I write a house music track using Ableton Live 9, from the beginning to a almost complete, arranged idea.  Using simple musical elements and very little technical jargon, the goal shall be to inspire students in making music in an accessible, relaxed way.” – Giom

What You Get

  1. 4 hour webinar recording of interactive training with Giom
  2. Giom’s personal production template for house music
  3. Dedicated question & answer periods directly with Giom(included in webinar recording)
  4. Lifetime access to a recording of the webinar that you can stream and watch forever!
  5. Student Discounts of 20-60% off our partners and third party plugin providers, including iZotope software, xFer’s Serum Synth and more!

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Writing the main idea using the G template in Session View
    • Drums: Programming drums using Simpler, Drum Racks, loops, field recordings, and live instruments.
      • Moving drum sounds to create a living, breathing groove rather than a static feel.
      • Experimenting with changing sounds within Drum Racks to bring inspiration.
    • Bass: Programming bass lines using Operator and selected 3rd party plugins.
    • Chords: Reaching to the melodic side of things, you’ll learn how to start with a simple sound, such as Operator’s default sine wave, and then move onto more complex sounds and instruments.
    • Samples: Adding samples using Mixed in Key, and selecting sample layers to add gritty textures to the beat.
  • Module 2: Moving to Arrangement View to turn our “beat” into a ”track”
    • Using a ghost track to act as inspiration and to get the arrangement done as quickly as possible.
    • How to use ghost tracks, highlighting essential features of house music song sequencing.
    • Automation: Using volume, filters, envelopes and more to get sounds to evolve and change.
    • Experimentation with additional musical parts.
    • Adding FX to decorate the track. Things like risers, fallers, white noise, found sounds and more.
  • Module 3: Essential house music engineering tools and skills
    • EQ
    • Compression
    • Delays
    • Reverbs
    • Groups & bussing
    • Return Tracks & FX


About Giom

Somewhere between West coast Deep House, classic French house and NuDisco lies the sound of Giom. And when you attend one of his energetic DJ sets, sample one of his many remixes or dance to one of his chart topping #1 singles, the message becomes clear: Giom is here to make you DANCE! Maybe that’s why the London-based Frenchman’s music has been supported by such an impressive list of the world’s best DJs. From Claptone to DJ Sneak, Green Velvet to Joey Negro, Jimpster to Mark Knight, Sharam Jey to Kolombo, it seems everybody needs a bit of the Giom sound in their DJ sets.

In the summer of 2014 his song Dr. Zapp went to #1 on the Beatport Indie/NuDisco Top 100 and has accumulated over 150k plays on Spotify alone. In 2015 Giom launched his own label Supremus Records which, as well as topping the Traxsource Deep House Top 100 for 3 consecutive weeks with its 2nd release has also gained support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles and Maceo Plex.

Giom has worked, released, toured and collaborated with the likes of Riva Starr, Joey Negro, Fred Everything, Loulou Records, Toolroom and Defected Records. He has also headlined and played at some of the world’s best clubs such as Fabric (London), Privilege (Ibiza), LIV (Buenos Aires), 360 (Dubai), performing in over 30 countries. Away from house music, Giom’s preferred spot is behind the drum kit, which has seen him touring and recording for the likes of Alice Russell, The Nextmen and Kasabian.

Listen to Giom

Listen to “Last Dance” by Giom

Course Content

Welcome to Producing House Music in Live 9


Producing House Music in Live 9 - Live-Stream Recording


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