ozone 7 maximizer

Exploring the iZotope Ozone 7 Maximizer IRC Modes

In this video I’m going to continue my exploration into the new features of iZotope’s Ozone 7.  I’m going to cover the Maximizer, and in particular, the shiny new IRC4 mode.  Why is this interesting?  This IRC mode is basically an artificially intelligent limiter. IRC stands for intelligent release control and the new IRC4 adds a whole new dimension to the limiter.

With the IRC4 mode, iZotope has moved from a single-band to a multi-band format.  Unlike other multi-band modules in Ozone that only have several bands, dozens of bands are available, set using psychoacoustic principles.  They’ve taken the limiter and basically put it on steroids.

What Does This Mean for You?

This limiter offers a far cleaner and more transparent sounding result in circumstances where a certain sound or frequency range in the mix is causing intermodulation.  In this case, there are far less artifacts and pumping.  The IRC4 algorithm will take a look at all the bands and attenuate those that are problematic, leaving the other bands untouched.  This helps to mitigate louder elements in the mix from damaging quieter elements.

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