In 2014 Brenden participated in Vespers VIP coaching program. In this program Vespers took on 8 students and remixed a project of each student. This VIP Coaching program was later released as apart of Vespers Pimp My Track online course, giving members of the community an oppourtunity to watch Vespers work directly only 8 students projects, sharing a window into all of his epic tips and tricks.

Brenden chose his remix of David Starfire’s – House Of Bhangra to get a retooling and Vespers went step by step through Brenden’s project, giving it a juicy make over. Above you can watch a before and after preview of Brenden’s original remix of the tune including the Vespers Pimped out version, which can be watched in full in Pimp My Track. Kudos to Brenden for getting the project submitted to Vespers exactly as requested, this was a real treat for Vespers to work on!

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