Livestreaming Masterclass

Learn how to livestream.  Create seriously BOSS-level livestreams in only 30 days!

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by Andrew Dodd Clippingdale, Graeme Csath, Vespers
138 Lessons | 8.5 hours Length | Reviews

In this comprehensive masterclass you’ll learn to create seriously BOSS-level livestreams. A dream team of 3 expert instructors shows you how to hack the learning curve. You’ll be able to showcase your talents at a super-pro level in only 30 days.

Build pandemic-proof online revenue streams & broadcast yourself from the comfort & safety of your own home. Level up your production quality, discover the best gear, max out your attendance, learn how to monetize, and have a blast while doing it.

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Course Description

In this comprehensive masterclass you’ll learn to create seriously BOSS-level livestreams.  A dream team of 3 expert instructors shows you how to hack the learning curve so you can showcase your talents at a professional level in only 30 days.

Why We Made This:

These past months have been unprecedented for all of us in the music industry.  We’ve had to adapt to a world filled with uncertainty, fear, radical changes, and challenges.

This caused us to refocus our energy on how we could best contribute to you and help you find your footing in the new reality we are all facing together.  We created this course in partnership with our government to support you in creating a pandemic-proof career.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Insider strategies to stand out from the crowd & generate unique streams
  • How to seriously level up your production quality
  • All the best & current gear to invest into
  • How to be broadcast yourself from the comfort & safety of your studio, home, or office
  • How to stream from anywhere in the world – experience true location freedom!
  • How to max out your attendance
  • How to keep viewers & fans uber-engaged for every stream
  • How to monetize like a pro & create pandemic-proof online revenue streams

Huge thanks to our funding partners, Creative BC & Amplify BC for making this project possible!

Course Content

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Module 1 | Introduction & Overview


Module 2 | How to Run Your First Live-Stream


Module 3 - Live-Streaming Software & Equipment


Module 4 - Connecting Your Equipment


Module 5 | Setting Up Your Stream


Module 6 | Streaming Destinations


Module 7 | Internet Connectivity


Module 8 | In-Stream Best-Practices


Module 9 | How to Use Cameras


Module 10 | How to Use Lighting


Module 11 | Audio Best Practices


Module 12 | Your Environment & Set


Module 13 | Troubleshooting


Module 14 | Recording Your Stream


Module 15 | Going Further


Module 16 | How to Use Zoom


Module 17 | How to Monetize Your Live-Streams


Module 18 - Building Your Audience


Module 19 | Reaching Your Audience


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Warp Academy is an amazing spot for producers to learn the skills they need to succeed as quickly as possible. Sound design, songwriting, mixing & mastering, they’ve got tons of expert-level training from pro instructors. If you’re serious about music production, Warp is a smart move.

- Nick Middleton | The Funk Hunters | Westwood Recordings

I would describe Warp Academy with one word. Wisdom. To me, knowing the facts as well as having the experience to back up those facts is the essence of wisdom. And at Warp Academy you’re learning from professionals who not only have their facts straight, they also have real life music industry experience. Get wise at Warp!

- Slynk - DJ / Producer / Youtube Educator

Warp Academy has long been in my top 5 for spots to learn how to produce electronic music. Their attention to detail and clarity of expression makes their work extremely easy to digest. See for yourself why they’ve risen above the crowd. You won’t regret it.

- iLL.Gates | Producer Dojo

I love working with the professional and talented people at Warp Academy. If you’re looking for fast, actionable info about music production, then this is the place to start. Regardless of your skill level, these guys have you covered with awesome training, sounds, and software.

- Tom Frampton | Audio engineer | CEO, Mastering the Mix

Warp Academy is ideal for someone to learn from the ground up and at their own pace. They have some of the best instructors and are experts at everything related to music production. I always learn something new when I watch their videos. Warp Academy represents the “music production masterclass” concept at it’s very best.

- David Starfire | Music producer | SUBPAC Ambassador

I’ve learned so much from the team at Warp Academy. They are a world-class music production community that has tutorials, courses, live-streams, and trainings to take your production to the next level. Warp Academy’s trainers are seasoned professionals with vast knowledge and experience.

- Jesse Brede | Gravitas Recordings & Gravitas Create Founder