Download this Rack, as well as 1 GB of free samples and many other production tools via our Free Stuff page:

The Glitch Bitch is an Audio Effect Rack I originally designed for DJing. It was first released back in 2012 with the DJ templates included in several of my packs (Put Down the Gun and Bubbles in the Jungle). Since then, I’ve continued to refine it and I’m stoked to give you the most badass, speaker shredding version it is today. I use this Rack in every single DJ set I create, and it’s also come to be a mainstay in the arsenal of other producers such as David Starfire, Moontricks and more.


That being said, it’s SO much more than just a DJ tool. It’s a multi-FX tool, containing 8 essential effects. It’s basically a Swiss Army knife for audio! The effects contained inside this ultra-Rack are:

  • Highpass and lowpass filters
  • Redux providing bit crushing
  • Metal delay, with super short un-synced feedback times in re-pitch mode to give crazy pitching metallic effects
  • Custom reverb set up to give an epic hyper-compressed style effect
  • Frequency shifter for modulation madness
  • Beat repeat dialed in for random glitchy mayhem
  • Ping pong delay to add psychedelic flava

Each one of these has been carefully designed and custom tailored over years of use. The Bitch has been through many previous versions to yield the audio mangling weapon you have before you now! In addition, the effects are all intricately mapped to the 8 Macro knobs on the Audio Effect Rack. What I do is map knobs from a MIDI controller to the Macro controls so I have immediate hands on control. I prefer to use the Akai APC40mkII or Akai MPD32 for this. I use both in my DJ sets.


The uses for this effect are far beyond DJing. I’ve found uses for this in hardcore sound design, on the master bus of tracks in my own production, as an insert or on drum and bass busses, on vocals and more. I used it extensively for some of the effects in my remix of Veela – Circa 1620.

Here are some ideas for you to try this badboy out on!

  • 3 dimensional mixing: Most DJs mix with a combination of EQ and levels. If that makes you yawn and you’re ready for the next level, break out the Glitch Bitch. You can use combinations of HP and LP filtering, plus the reverb module to make a new track you’re mixing in sound really thin and far away. Then back them off to bring the track forward in the mix as you transition. As you mix out of the previous track, you can again use the filters, and perhaps try the ping pong delay to dub it out. You can get seriously creative here and go far beyond what a DJ mixer is capable of. In order to do this, insert the Bitch on each channel you’re mixing on. For example, I use one on an audio track that’s effectively my “left turntable” and one on my “right turntable” so I can mix 2 tracks together. Then I use a MIDI controller (Akai MPD32) and MIDI map the 8 knobs to the 8 Macros.
  • Momentary effects: Use the bit crusher, metal delay, or beat repeat as a spot effect for excitement. Use the frequency shifter to add crazy mod to the low end in a breakdown. Or, my personal fave, use the reverb with the filters to create huge riser and faller sweeping effects. If you want to go totally nuts, throw the bit crusher in there with the reverb for lo-fi insanity! For this you can set it up on your master bus, or as noted above in 3D mixing.
  • Sound design: Use it to spice up drum loops or busses, on bass sounds or vocals. The Bitch is an arsenal of tools all in one streamlined rack and you can tear apart audio in ways you never imagined and would never have through of, simply by experimenting with various combinations of the effects.

Download this Rack, as well as 1 GB of free samples and many other production tools via our Free Stuff page:

So go twiddle some knobs!

On a final note, a comment on the name. I realize that Keilwerth and Vengeance have recently come out with a piece of software also called the Glitch Bitch. I’ve been using the name Glitch Bitch on this sucker since well before 2012, so don’t try to tap me for trademark infringement…I got there first ;)

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