How to repitch and tune drums, edit them with the Push 2 controller, and make them tight and punchy in Drum Racks

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With the release of Ableton Live 10 we’ve got exciting new audio effects, workflows and power features.  In this tutorial, I’m going to show you exacly how I use all of these capabilities in Live 10 to work with drum loops.  You’ll learn how to really beef up and process drums to get them tight, punchy, in your face and cutting through your mix.


Here’s our Game Plan:

    1. We’ll start off by going to go over how to figure out the pitch of your drums so you know if they’re in key with your track
    2. Then how to repitch them into the frequency range you want
    3. We’ll cover how to tighten the drums up, getting rid of unwanted things like long decays and room noise
    4. We’ll use a Push 2 controller to show the editing process for individual drum slices
    5.  Then we’ll get into how I separate the drums & bus them for processing
    6. Finally, I’ll we’ll cover how I process the kick, snare and hats, as well as the drum buss as a whole

Because this is going to go through my whole workflow and get in depth with multiple devices, just a heads up that this’ll be a longer tutorial.

Want to Skip to Something Specific in the Video?

0:00 Intro

1:23 Before & After Processing A/B Comparison of the Drum Loop

1:57 Detecting the Pitch of the Drum Loop with the Spectrum Audio Effect

4:07 Repitching & Tuning Drums in Live

5:27 Tightening the Drums to Eliminate Decay & Reverb with the Gate Audio Effect

6:31 Slicing the Drum Loop using Slice to New MIDI Track with “Create one slice per Transient”

9:04 Editing Drum Slices in Simpler Using the Ableton Push 2 Controller

11:57 Routing, Sub-Grouping & Bussing Drums in the Drum Racks Instrument

13:09 How to Create a Nested Drum Rack (aka Sub-Rack or a Rack within a Rack) for Drum Bussing

15:27 Processing the Drums

16:21 Processing the Hi Hats

17:49 Processing the Snare Rim Shot

18:22 Using Corpus on the Snare

19:41 Using Drum Buss on the Snare

21:35 Processing the Kick

21:43 Using Corpus on the Kick

23:06 Processing the Entire Drum Buss

23:49 Using Corpus on the Drum Buss

24:33 Using the New Drum Buss Audio Effect

25:43 A/B Comparison with Drum Buss Drive, Transient Shaping & Boom

26:11 Gain Staging & Putting the Subs into Mono with Utility Bass Mono

26:48 Using Reverb on the Drum Buss

27:53 BPM Syncing Reverb Tutorial with Free Reverb Pre-Delay & Decay Time Calculator

28:32 Recap & Review

29:01 Free Ableton Live 10 Course – Warp 10 by Ableton Certified Trainers

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