Slammin’ Future House in Operator


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  • Flex the full power of Ableton Live’s FM Synth, with 109 fresh synth patches for Operator
  • Unearth incredible workflow tips and learn how to write better chords & melodies
  • Turbo boost your library with searing leads, throbbing basses, deadly plucks & airy pads
  • Includes 5 full tracks from veteran sound designer & producer Dan Larsson

A lethal, speaker-shattering weapon in sound design, Ableton Live’s FM synth, Operator, is flexed to the max in this collection of cutting-edge sounds. An arsenal of fresh and diverse big-room sounds awaits you in our newest pack: Slammin’ Future House!

A rich collection of edgy synth presets and Racks that will turbo boost your library, Slammin’ Future House brings you searing leads, throbbing basses, deadly plucks, airy pads, big chords, and heavy percussion hits. True to the genre, this collection is jam packed with everything you need to make insane drops and write brilliant tunes!

The Making of Slammin’ Future House

Bonus: 5 Full Demo Songs

This is more than just a collection of synth presets, as an added bonus, you also get 5 Ableton Live Sets containing full songs showcasing the future house genre. We guarantee this pack will help:

  • Unearth incredible workflow tips
  • Learn what chords to use
  • Write better melodies
  • Create raging builds and crazy drops
  • Invigorate starting points of inspiration for your own unique sounds

The pack fully exploits Ableton Live’s effects devices to push the sounds even further. The creative use of effects is just as illuminating and eye-opening as the synth patches themselves. All 5 tunes are sculpted together with additional sweeps, white noise FX and risers, blending the transitions into perfection. Listen to the preview of all 5 songs from Slammin’ Future house below!

What’s In the Pack

You’ll never be limited by audio samples in the wrong key. Many of the patches are in Racks that take full advantage of Live’s powerful Macros feature, giving you full license to explore and personalize the sound to your liking. All core sounds are layered using multiple instances of Operator, resulting in incredibly rich & complex sounds. Here’s whats included in the pack:

  • 5 full songs (as Ableton Live Sets), each with it’s own unique set of patches and effects
  • 109 individual Operator patches
  • 65 Racks containing the effects, layered synth patches and easy to use Macros

If you’ve ever wanted to sound like Pep & Rash, Tchami, Loopers, The Voyagers, Tiesto and Martin Garrix, this pack is for you.

About the Sound Designer

Dan Larsson has been a prominent sound designer in the industry for the past 6 years, with sample packs on Loopmasters, CR2 and 5pinmedia. Under the name Mr Fox, he’s released music on the prestigious bass music label, Simplify Recordings. He currently goes by Vuxem, creating anthemic, hard-hitting bass tunes. Dan’s an avid teacher and frequently does tutorials on sound design via his Youtube channel, Let’s Synthesize.

Required Software

  • Ableton Live 9.5 Suite or Ableton Live 9.5 with Operator
  • xFer Records Dimension Expander(Free Download here)

Grab a Free Future House Live Pack

Curious to know what’s inside? We’re giving away one of the Slammin’ Future House Live Packs for free!

If you’re curious about what’s included in Slammin’ Future House, or just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet, then grab this free download and fire it up!

It’s a complete, fully-functional Ableton Live Set that contains a bunch of deadly Operator presets, Racks and effects chains that you can use in your own music and add to your Library.

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55 MB


109 Ableton Operator synth presets




Future House

Required Software

Ableton Live 9.6 Suite or Ableton Live 9.6 & Operator.

1 review for Slammin’ Future House in Operator

  1. damical93 (verified owner)

    Operator is such an overlooked synth, but this pack really shows what it can do. Sounds I didn’t think would be possible to synthesize outside of higher end synthesizers are artistically crafted with this synthesizer. Outside the sound design the pack shows how a catchy song can be arranged, with a no non-sense structured approach. I wish the included presets and racks were easier to access individually, but it’s not a major issue.

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