Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 | Get Massive


  • Stay on the cutting edge with the next evolution in trap, trap step & twerk beats
  • Destroy dance floors with hard-hitting, dirty sounds processed with real analog gear
  • Supercharge your library with tough Massive patches, analog-driven 808s, and dank vocal samples

Buckle-up and brace yourself!  The next edition of our uber-successful Run Thy Trap Pack is here.  We didn’t think it was possible to get any more dank, but our resident trap guru, Ian Gallagher (aka DJ IBG), has seriously one-upped himself with Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – Get Massive.  And get Massive it does, in more ways than one.

It’s a killer collection of analog processed 808 drum kits, devastating Massive synth patches, and dank vocal stabs, all mapped out in a series of Ableton Live Sets.

The Making of Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – Get Massive


The Sound

Total urban devastation.  Let us explain what we mean…. Imagine Godzilla crashing a house party.  The Starship Enterprise doing doughnuts in downtown LA.  A hurricane, a tsunami, and an earthquake having a threesome in a shopping center.  Navy Seal Team 6 storming a water-park with tequila-filled Supersoakers.  Sharks with freakin laser beams on their heads growing legs and escaping from Sea World.  You get the idea.

But don’t take our word for it.  Listen yourself!

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The Sound of Analog

What makes this Pack truly stand out?  One word: analog.  The included 808 drum kits have been given the “magic touch” of analog processing.  Analog processing juices up these sounds with loudness, saturation, musical dirt, and warm fatness that’s just unachievable with software.  When you have real electricity surging through circuits, the result is nothing short of astonishing!

The Pack contains 6 badass 808 drum kits, run through a variety of unique analog gear — namely:

  • Burl B2 Bomber ADC/DAC
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • Universal Audio Solo 610
  • Peavey 5150 Guitar Amp
  • 90s cassette deck.

The result is crunchy, warm but still hard-hitting sounds that will give your drum programming a unique edge.  Ian has even included a kit of drums re-amped through Focal speakers (some of the best monitors on the market) for some vibey room character.  No need for reverb plug-ins here!

Get Massive

As the name suggests, the heart of this pack is custom-built presets using Native Instruments’ Massive—a synthesizer responsible for endless bass music hits.  Each template comes with a meticulously crafted selection of leads, pads, basses and effects, all built from the ground up in Massive.

This full-featured Pack flexes the full power of Ableton Live.  Massive gets seriously leveled-up with the addition of the entire suite of Live’s effects, and goes far beyond what it’s normally capable of.

Not only can you save and use the Massive presets, you can also save all the Live Racks, processing chains and effects presets to your Library for use in other projects or with other synths.  Bonus!

So Much More Than a Sample Pack or a Synth Preset Pack

In addition to all the synth presets and audio samples, this Pack includes six full Ableton Live sets.  Each set is a song made entirely using the included sounds.  It goes far beyond the scope of a regular sample pack or synth preset collection, because it shows you how to arrange, process, and program them into an actual song.

You get learn from Ian’s extensive background in trap production and song writing.

  • See how the builds, drops and transitions are constructed.
  • Observe how sounds are grouped and bussed, EQ’d and compressed.
  • Check out how he sets up his Return Tracks, master buss processing and so much more.
  • It’s a window into full trap production from beginning to end, with all the sounds along the way.

Designed for Today’s Dance Floors

Since the release of Run Thy Trap – Vol. 1, Ian has had a relentless production/mixing schedule, as well as a weekly DJ residency. This pack is the result of not only his deep study of Massive, but first-hand experience in exactly which trap sounds are currently working on the dance floor.

What’s In the Full Pack

  • 6 unique templates, each with a fully arranged demo song
  • 808 drum kits recorded through analog gear: 6
  • Massive synth presets:
    • Massive leads: 12
    • Massive pads: 7
    • Massive basses: 10
    • Massive effects: 16
    • Massive drum hits: 3
  • Vocal samples: 29


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Want a Free Sneak Peak?

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What’s In the Free Pack?

Trap Drum Kit:

  • 16 hard-hitting drum sounds all processed to the max with analog gear (E.L. Distressor!!)
  • Includes a trap drum channel strip 

Trap Vocal Rack:

  • 16 dank vocal samples loaded into a Drum Rack
  • All the Macros are mapped to a sick FX chain of Live devices for even more processing mayhem

Massive Patches:

  • Trap Boom Kick preset
  • French Press Trap Bass preset
  • Knock Bass preset
  • Trap Lead preset

Even Moar Racks:

  • Trap Mastering Rack
  • Grain Delay Return Rack
  • Reverb Return Rack

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235 MB (Ableton Live Pack)




Live Pack with 24 bit wav

Required Software

Live 9 Suite or Live 9 Standard, NI Massive


48 Massive synth presets




1 Kick-ass acoustic break loop


Trap, trap step, twerk beat, bass, rap, grime


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