Darkside Funk Sample Pack


Every audio sample you could ever want to perfectly match Darkside Funk’s Serum presets.  Add 400 BIG, perfectly tuned, heavy-hitting drums for bass music.  The key and Hz is noted on the kicks, snares, and toms so you can easily add in-key drums to your track.  Plus 200 FX, like atmospheres, fallers, glitches, impacts, reverses, risers & white noise.  You get 310 epic male and female vocal one-shots and chants, processed and dry to give you the utmost flexibility.  794 MB, 24-bit stereo.WAV samples.

Note: This is an expansion sample pack that’s meant to go with the main Darkside Funk Serum preset sound bank.  You need to purchase that separately here.

What You Get.

Nearly 800 mb of deadly samples to compliment our main Darkside Funk Serum preset sound bank. Includes:

  • 400 Epic Drums for Bass Music
    • Tuned kicks, snares & toms
    • Claps
    • Cymbals
    • Drum loops
    • Hi hats
    • Percussion
  • 200 Effects
    • Atmospheres
    • Fallers
    • Glitches
    • Impacts
    • Reverse FX
    • Risers
    • White noise effects
  • 310 Vocal Chants & One Shots
    • Male & female versions
    • Wet and dry versions for full control


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