Accelerate One-on-One Coaching | Vespers | 3 Sessions

$499.00 / month for 3 months

Are you ready to get serious about your music?

Many of you have been asking for “the next step” to help improve and finish your music.  If you’re ready to take a massive leap forward, then Accelerate One-on-One coaching is the key.

What is Accelerate One-on-One Coaching?

Accelerate Coaching is personally customized, one-on-one coaching with me. It’s basically us working collaboratively in the studio (virtually via the web) on the EXACT areas you want to improve the MOST.

We either work on your existing project(s) or we start a new one together.  We delve into sound design, synthesis, composition, chord progressions, writing better melodies, mixing and mastering.  As a professional sound designer, engineer, and producer, there are a myriad of ways I can help you with your music.

The Accelerate program provides coaching that is carefully tailored to your skill level, style, genre & goals.  We focus on PRECISELY what you need and don’t waste time on ANYTHING that you don’t.


Depending on your unique situation and what you specifically need to improve YOUR music, we may cover things such as:

  1. Sound design
  2. Synthesis
  3. Songwriting/composition
  4. Workflow ninja tricks that will dramatically speed up your production
  5. Mixing & mastering
  6. Ways to dramatically improve the clarity & space in your mix
  7. Specific “must have” plugins that make the difference
  8. Critical missing ingredients that add the “WOW-Factor”
  9. Maximizing the creative process
  10. Music business & artist development
  11. Live performance
  12. Whatever you need to take a HUGE leap forward, we will do…all inside YOUR project

Hear the Results for Yourself

Check out this video for some before and after examples of past students’ songs.

I go ALL OUT for my Accelerate students.  I give you the keys to my private library & share things that I never sell or provide anywhere else. Things like samples, synth patches, Racks & templates.  I’ve even personally played sax on some students’ tracks.

Improvements You Can Expect in Your Music

  1. You’ll become way more adept at getting the most out of the sample packs and synth presets in your library.
  2. You’ll be able to create your own signature sounds from the ground up.
  3. You’ll completely up your game in the area of composition & songwriting, opening the door to better chord progressions & melodies.
  4. You’ll get faster and more organized in Live with my custom production templates & workflow pro-tips.
  5. Your mixes will be cleaner, clearer, and finally achieve that magical “something special”.
  6. You’ll gain invaluable confidence in your skills and take huge strides towards carving out your own unique sound as an artist.


What You Get

Accelerate includes 6 hours of in-depth, one-on-one coaching with me.  This is done over 3 months, so there’s lots of time for you to put what we’re working on into practice in your production.  If you want to continue coaching beyond 3 months, we can discuss availability and create a package.

The sessions are done with a streaming video app (like Skype, but way better).  You can be anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable, broadband internet connection.  Everything’s recorded so you can download our session videos to keep forever.

Here’s the game plan for our sessions:

Evaluation of your Production

  • You get to send me 3 of your tracks, as well as reference examples of producers who you admire, or aspire to sound like.
  • I do the evaluation in my personal studio; an advanced room with sophisticated monitoring designed by an acoustician and tuned to perfection.  In this environment, I’m able to listen critically & make a thorough, revealing assessment of your production.
  • We objectively compare your music with the reference examples, identifying gaps.  

Goal Setting Process

  • After hearing your music and aspirations, we discuss your goals.
  • I’ll suggest areas of focus & we’ll customize a personally-tailored development plan, just for you.

Co-Production & Collaboration

  • The majority of our work together is done inside your own music.  You get to send me full project files and we work together inside them.
  • Depending on your tune, I may design new sounds, engineer Racks for you, help with songwriting or do some work on the mixdown.  It’s basically like I become your production partner, sitting in the studio next to you.
  • Collaboration is also an option, and some students opt to start a fresh song with me.  

Self-Study Guidance

  • At the end of each session, I give you structured guidance on what to work on (kinda like homework, but more fun).  
  • It could be taking an online course to help get you ahead in a specific area, studying one of my templates, or practicing certain sound design techniques etc.  
  • This brings focus & efficiency to the process.

Downloadable Video Recordings

  • No need to take notes!  We record everything in our sessions so you can relax & enjoy.  
  • Keep these forever & know that you’ll get the most out of this work because you can review the videos as many times as you like.

Ableton Live Project Files

  • I give you everything we work on in the sessions so you can review, reverse engineer and learn.
  • You get full access to the project and all the additions I’ve built into it.

Access to my personal library:

  • I open the door to my extensive personal library of Ableton Live templates, racks, samples & synth presets.
  • You get access to tools that have taken me years to build & have been refined through experience.  
  • Rather than overwhelming you with everything, I hand pick ones that’ll benefit you & your production specifically.  

How it works:

  1. We set up a customized plan just for you, including a specific set of goals and objectives.
  2. You can either send me one of your existing projects to work on, or we can start something fresh. Up to you!
  3. Projects are shared back and forth using Dropbox, so you always have the updated files and we have an easy space to collaborate in.
  4. We do 6 hours of sessions over 3 months.  
  5. These can be done in 1-hour blocks, twice a month, or a 2-hour block, once per month.  
  6. Our first session covers the evaluation of your production, the goal-setting process and customizing your coaching plan (this takes 1-2 hours).  
  7. The remainder of our time is focused on your music.  
  8. If we’re working on a tune, I highly suggest doing 2-hour blocks to allow us time to get into the zone.  
  9. We meet up online using an app similar to Skype, but much higher quality and more robust.  This allows you to:
    • See a video stream of my camera & computer screen with full, stereo HD audio.
    • Select audio inputs and outputs so you can listen on headphones, and speak into a microphone to ask questions.
    • I recommend you use iPhone style earbuds with the built-in mic to ask questions, as this prevents feedback problems that sometimes happen when you use speakers.  Or if you have higher quality headphones, feel free to use them with another mic plugged into your soundcard. Reference headphones give the best results as you’ll be able to properly hear low frequencies.
    • Each session is recorded and sent to you after we wrap up. You get to download and keep these recordings forever.


What People Are Saying About Vespers


Facing the next step in my career, I searched for someone who was familiar with the specifics of the electronic music business to give me some guidance. If you’re an indie or alternative rock artist, the supply for coaches covering that topic is virtually unlimited, but when it comes to electronic music, there are few to none. Vespers fills this void.

We worked on a strategy on how to approach labels and created a coherent artist package with full branding. Vespers is never short of creative ideas on how to stand out amongst the crowd. He offers tons of inspiration for thinking outside the box and more importantly got me into the right mindset to face the next big challenge. He was very supportive and forthcoming.

If you’re in need for a coach to guide you through a challenge, whether it be regarding sound design & production, developing yourself as an artist or career advice, then Vespers is your go-to coach. Read more about Jasper’s story here:   


“I’ve gained knowledge and ideas from Vespers that I’ll be using for the rest of my life–in and out of the studio.”

– Alex

“Being a successful musician is not just about having the right tools; it is about having the right attitude, philosophy, motivation, and discipline to use the tools to create inspiring music that is interesting for the listener and fulfilling for the artist. This coaching deals with everything you need to become a disciplined, prolific, and satisfied artist.”

– Seth

“What a life changer this has been. I came to become a better musician and thanks to this training I’m on my way to becoming an all-around better individual… which helps me become a better musician in the process! Simple as that! I wish I could have learned these invaluable lessons earlier in my life! If your motto truly is ‘music is my life’ but you’re feeling unaccomplished and don’t know where to start, this training is the ultimate guide!”

– Lionel

“Not being a trained musician, I’m was always dealing with the feeling that I don’t know enough and I am not good enough. Taking this coaching has made me realize that I am a musician and I have something valuable to contribute to the world and I will get where I need to go on my own time.”

– Allen