Vespers recently caught up with Random Rab while he was on tour in Canada and invited into the studio for an interview. This is the second time we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Rab and this piece allowed us to cover his past couple of years on the road, and in the studio.

Rab is an active producer and touring musician, playing shows all the way from Envision in Costa Rica, to Burning Man, to Shambhala Music Festival in Canada. We’re big fans of his music, especially his organic, blissed-out sunrise set style vibes. Vespers & the Warp Academy team are amped to share this one-on-one with you. Enjoy!

In the interview, Random Rab shares about:

• His musical direction over the past couple of years
• His last several releases, including 2 new albums
• Studio production workflow
• His experimentation with organic sounds vs. digital, electronic sounds
• Using hardware in the studio
• How his tracks get started and his initial stages of inspiration and production
• How his fan base has responded to the evolution of his artistic style
• Collaborations and how he approaches them.
• Specifically, collaborations with Kyrstyn Pixton, Ilya Goldberg, Pia Lucy, Dave Mellish, & CloZee
• What went into setting up his tour of Canada
• How he configures his live set & what equipment he uses

Listen to Random Rab’s Awoke Album

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