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Do you struggle with getting vocals to sound polished and professional in your music? Don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive third-party plugins?

It’s true what they say: vocal processing is one of the most difficult aspects of music production.

If you start with a recording that is below par, or if your singer can’t sing in tune, and with conviction, then no amount of processing magic is going to help. Even if you’re working with a top-notch recording of an awesome singer, it’s STILL tricky business.

We’ve all been there: you labour for hours to get vocals to sit just right in the mix, only to realize they end sounding buried, dull, thin, or like a hot fatigued mess and completely out of place.

In this tutorial Ableton Certified Trainer, Ian Gallagher, aka. DJ IBG, reveals the core concepts of a simple, but profound approach to mixing vocals.

If you feel it’s time to learn how to intelligently process vocals, then hop on board and let Ian guide you through his multi-stage approach. Along the way he also covers topics like preamp distortion, transient compression, de-essing and EQ sweeping.

Ian has graciously made his secret Vocal processing rack, built exclusively with Ableton Live devices, available for free download!

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