The new SubPac S2 is now available!

Sub Pac 2 Hi Res Image

This amazing chunk of bass awesomeness boasts the following wicked advantages:

  • Allows you to properly monitor low frequencies (more accurately feel difference between bass, kick and sub-bass.)
  • Experience your track/mix as if it were being played in a club system.
  • Flat response with no EQ or compressors. SubPac provides the true signal.
  • Portable: you can produce with the proper frequency spectrum on the go – plane, hotel, café, train etc.
  • Can produce at all hours of the night without noise complaints.
  • Preserves hearing – no need to crank your system.

This is the most important new studio gear of the century and is a total a must have if you make electronic music or can’t crank up a sub!

Check it out:

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