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by Vespers
1 Lessons | 2:00 Length | Reviews

Date & Time: Tuesday Dec 29th, 1 – 3 PM PST / 4 – 6 PM EST.
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Note: The live-stream will be recorded and you’ll have access to view the replay for 60 days following the event.

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Live-Stream Description

Starting a project without a template is like walking into a studio where all the gear is disconnected and put away in boxes.  Who in their right mind would do that?  It’s super time-consuming – and definitely ZERO fun – to have to route things, gain stage, and set up your effects correctly when you just want to be inspired and write music.  This is why all professional mix and mastering engineers start from a template. 

Our most popular video on Youtube from the last year – by far – has been about how to gain stage.  We made a simple template that incorporated some basic routings and, to our surprise, that video has taken off. To date it’s been viewed 338,567 times and the template has been downloaded by 20,303 producers.  

With all this interest it inspired us to create a much more advanced version for our members and the collective at Warp Academy.  This live-stream will give you access to the new template and offer comprehensive training on how to use every aspect of it.

In the comments on Youtube we got to see how much uncertainty there is around not only how to gain stage properly, but about how to set up a template in general for the best results.  In this live-stream, we’re going to cover how and why the template was built, as well as all the routings, Racks, workflows, and Return Tracks. If you’ve been stuck in your tracks looking at a blank, bare project, or have been feeling overwhelmed at where to get started and how to build momentum, this live-stream is for you!  

7 Professional Best-Practices


What You’ll Learn

  • How to gain stage properly
  • How to correctly bus and route every track
  • How to optimize Live for the best sound quality
  • How to set your levels for a well-balanced, super-fast mix down
  • How to incorporate reference tracks into your project
  • How to set up your send / returns
  • How to do your own quick-master

What You Get

  • The Warp Academy Cyber 2020 Production Template
  • 2 hours of training
  • Q&A period about the template
  • A replay recording you can watch for 60 days following the event
  • The presentation slides as a PDF

Live-Stream Schedule

This Event was Live-Streamed: Tuesday December 29th, 1:00 – 3:00 PM PST / 4:00 – 6:00 PM EST.

How it Works

  • This is a fully live-streamed session.
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  • It takes a little bit of time to transcode the replay, so if it’s not accessible right away please check back in a few hours.
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  • Note: This is not an online course with lifetime access to the videos. You’ll have access to the recording for 60 days following the stream. After that the recording is no longer available. Make sure you watch the recording within 60 days.

About Your Instructor

Hi!  I’m Vespers.  My passion is helping make the complex topic of electronic music production accessible and engaging to all those who want to express their creativity through sound. My journey started with a Youtube channel where I shared free tips and tricks as video tutorials. The channel blew up and has continued to build momentum.
Building upon this early success on Youtube, I became an Ableton Certified Trainer and started making full fledged courses and production tools. That was great and all, but I wanted to amp things up so the next step was to build a collective of other all-star teachers and take things to the next level.

Assembling a team of other Ableton Certified Trainers and industry experts, I co-founded Warp Academy, one of only a few Ableton Certified Training Centers worldwide. With the help of our students and trainers, Warp Academy has risen to become one of the world’s most cutting-edge schools for electronic music production, offering online courses on topics like sound design, songwriting, remixing, performing, mixing and mastering, and beyond. I’m very proud of what we’ve created here and what our students have accomplished.

As an educator, I’ve collaborated to offer music production workshops music festivals and conferences. I’ve also had the pleasure of forging epic partnerships with industry heavyweights such as Universal Audio, Apogee, iZotope, FabFilter, XFer Serum, Sonarworks, Tannoy, and Dynaudio to review and make tutorials on their products as well as bring educational discounts to Warp students.

As a producer, I’ve released music on Adapted Records, Westwood Recordings, and Pop & Lock Records. Aside from running Warp Academy, I also work as a professional sound designer, producer for hire, ghost writer, mixing and mastering engineer.

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