Quick Info

Location: Remote / virtual (work from wherevs, wear pijamas all day etc.)
Type: Part-time contract to start (potential for FT permanent after we assess your awesomeness)
Style: Results only work environment (a silly term for "you get to work where and when you want with complete freedom as long as things get done on on time" - yay!)


Warp Academy was created to empower artists to reach their full potential, create exceptional music, and live their passion. We believe one of the most amazing things about being human is sharing knowledge and helping others achieve things that inspire them.

We are artists FIRST. Everything we do as a company is an expression of art, and we believe it’s worth taking immense care and attention to bring excellence to our craft.

Cranking out “content” is not our thing because that’s not ART. Quality trumps quantity for us every time. We’re not trying to be prolific. We aim to be memorable and remarkable.

We believe in constant improvement and peak performance. This drives us to strive to be a little bit better each day than the day before. We’re conduits for knowledge, which means we push our own boundaries, expand our abilities, and seek valuable information we can pass on to members of our collective.

Warp Academy brings the industry’s leading experts and brightest minds - yep, that's YOU - together with aspiring producers using the power of cutting-edge online learning tools. We seek to obliterate the learning curve and game-change the way people learn. We also search out and vet the best tools to assist along the way, like audio software and sound banks.

Based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Warp Academy is an online collective, focused on the niche of electronic music production and performance. We use a combination of streaming video and virtual classroom tech to educate our clients via on-demand, online courses and live-streams.

Our team is located around the world, and we’re proud to say we work with some of the industry’s most exciting thought leaders in sound design, synthesis, performance, music theory, mixing, mastering, personal development and beyond. Wanna join us?


Warp Academy is a tech startup company. Startups are unique environments that are VERY different from large, established organizations. Because of that, we feel it’s important to explain what it’s like to be on the team. Please give this a thorough read. Thanks!

Hours are flexible and the work is always interesting. Working here will challenge you to learn and grow without a doubt. We have no office you need to work from, there’s no dress code, there’s no “corporate training program” you need to suffer through.

Our team is small, meaning you’ll wear many hats. You’ll have a role description, but you’ll definitely need to tackle many things outside of it. What needs to get done and who’s job it is changes frequently. “That’s not my job” is never said here. Personal initiative is expected and valued. That means if you see something that needs to be done, you step in and do it without needing to be asked.

We have a results only work environment (R.O.W.E.), which means that as long as you’re hitting your targets and meeting or exceeding your responsibilities, then we don’t mind where or when the work is getting done (for the most part). This is not a “9-5 job”. The people who work with us are self-motivated, super organized, and value the flexibility and freedom afforded by this type of setup.

There are ebbs and flows to our work. Our hours are generally very loose and flexible, as long as the work is getting done. That said, there are times when we have a big launch or a deadline for a milestone, and it requires all hands on deck. At these times, we need people who are willing to do what it takes. This could mean working odd hours and putting in extra time to get the job done.

There are huge opportunities to learn because team roles are so wide-spanning. Each team member needs to be able to quickly learn and self-educate, becoming adept at using new platforms and technology. You’ll be expected to excel at research, assessing and reporting on pros and cons of alternative technology and systems we might be looking at. You should love learning and expanding your skills to work here.

Most importantly, in a startup the best idea always wins, no matter who’s it is. Every team member needs to be a creative problem solver and be able to think strategically. We’re not looking for someone to simply do what they’re assigned, and punch off tasks from a checklist. We need someone eager and able to contribute ideas and who thrives on taking responsibility for significant areas in the company.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch!


Broadly speaking, you'll create ART every day. More specifically, you'll:

  • Create social video campaigns (your "ART") like this
    (Note: We use Telestream Screenflow software - an Apple OSX-only application)
  • Create online courses (more ART) like this
  • Create and deliver live-streams (live ART) like this


We’re looking for a talented, driven, possibility thinker who’s super passionate about electronic music and education. A positive, up-beat attitude is a must-have, as is a strong interest in personal development, learning and growth. Our team is small, agile, dynamic and high-energy.

Attention to detail is key, as is the ability to handle fast-paced work with multiple projects occurring at the same time.

"Think doing yoga while drinking espresso if you want a visual ;) "

Mindfully focused, while buzzed and effectively productive!

We often need to rapidly adopt and master new business practices and technology. A zeal for learning, expanding into new areas of emerging technology, and developing skills rapidly is an asset.

We look for people who are highly focused, organized, punctual, and enthusiastic. We operate in a high-pressure, results-only work environment and you need to thrive in that type of situation.

It’s essential that you be able to accurately assess timelines to complete planned products and break complex projects down into specific milestones. Equally important is the ability to meet deadlines and maintain a high degree of integrity and responsibility when completing tasks.

Your ideas and feedback are of interest to us, so we are looking for a someone with super good communication and a high level of initiative.


  • Ideally you'll be an Ableton Certified Trainer with a current certification in Ableton Suite.
  • Deep knowledge of electronic music production and all associated topics.
  • Skilled in the most recent version of Ableton Suite. Ideally you’ll also have some understanding of Max for Live and the Push controller.
  • Skills in other DAWs are an asset (such as FL Studio, Reaper, Logic, Cubase etc.).
  • Audio & video recording.
  • Video editing.
  • Sound design.
  • Familiar with creating tutorial-style videos for Youtube.
  • Copy writing skills for video descriptions and website copy.

Note: Although preference will be given to people with all the above skills, we would be open to training the right applicant in some of these, such as video recording and editing.


  • High quality video camera (at least one, ideally more for multi-angle)
  • The most ideal camera is a 4K capable mirrorless camera, with a large format sensor, and a fast, wide aperture lens (like a Sony A7IV or A7SIII - other alternatives are camcorder style units or DSLR cameras capable of 4K video)
  • High quality microphone and soundcard
  • A nice condenser or dynamic mic for capturing voice audio. Ideal choices are the Rode NT1 (condenser), Rode Procaster / Podcaster, Shure SM-7B, and Electrovoice RE-320 (dynamic - excellent at rejecting off-axis background noise)
  • A shotgun or lavalier mic for “on camera” audio is also a plus
  • Modern Apple computer equipped for video & audio production
  • No PC users. Our screen capture and video editing platform is for OSX only
  • Telestream Screenflow (current version) for screen capture and video editing. We’d be open to providing a license for the right candidate
  • Ableton Suite (current version)
  • XFer Records Serum Synth (ideal, but optional)
  • Dropbox for filesharing
  • Broadband internet connection suitable for uploading large video files, hosting live-streams and doing video calls. Minimum 6 Mbps upload speed is required
  • A selection of MIDI controllers (such as an Ableton Push 2 controller and APC40)


Competitive, based on experience. To be discussed.


Note: Applicants who do not follow these instructions exactly will not be considered.

We’re interested in seeing examples of your work. To apply, please submit the following:

  • Example of a tutorial you’ve created (ideally in Screenflow) showing something related to music production.
  • Feel free to submit multiple videos if you have them. Show us your best work!
  • You can submit this via Dropbox or upload to Youtube and send us the URL.
  • 3 examples of your own production (original work only please).
  • Uploaded to Soundcloud (private players are fine, just send us the URL).

Application Process

To apply, please send us a message with the following info to [email protected]:

  • Tell us why you want to work with Warp Academy, and why you feel like you’ll be a fit
  • Tell us about your relevant skills and past experience
  • Send us the examples of work listed above